Half Frame Photography

Half Frame Photography

There's a toy camera called the Golden Half that exposes half-a-frame at a time, so each frame is composed of two images. I am interested in the story that these two halves tell together.

It can be a story filled with great action, quiet moments and different points of view; but always a multi-layered experience. It's what I believe in when it comes to the way I shoot. I capture life the way you and your best friend live it. I tell you & your story.

Previously known as Serena So Photography, Half Frame Photography aims to capture you & your story.

The Photographers (we potatograph you!)

Serena So

Photographer (1 of 2)

Friends and family always knew that I would end up somewhere in the creative field when I grew up; I was constantly drawing and colouring on everything. But I prepared myself for a life in the sciences. Little did I know that my creative spirit was just aching to play, and would ultimately guide me to where I am today.

I got my first taste of photography by appropriating my father's camera for an assignment in high school. I was fascinated by how the camera could freeze time, the sounds it made, and especially its aesthetic. I rediscovered the medium while studying for my Fine Arts Degree. It was there I realized the magic of capturing moments with a single shutter click, transforming the crazy ideas in my head to reality.

As I was honing in who I was as an artist, I discovered a pattern in my body of works. It's what I'm constantly developing and become better at; I am a storyteller.

  • like cats & spicy ramen
  • loves anything crafty (ribbons, wrapping paper, trinkets, d.i.y. projects)
  • obsessed with toy cameras
  • thinks coffee is a NECESSITY OF LIFE (wouldn't it be awesome if it came in IV form?)
  • likes to think that i'm a ninja with a camera
  • creative concepts excite me!!
  • is a pescatarian

David Reyes

Photographer (2 of 2)

Perhaps unlike most photographers, my background is actually with the moving picture — videos. I had toyed with my high school's video camera and editing suite, then discovered and eventually competed in 3d animation.

But there was a nagging feeling that things weren't a good fit in this video love affair. I could weave a story, but the mechanism felt cumbersome and disconnected.

By chance, I was given a (then, state of the art) digital camera: an early Kodak that took 0.4 MP photos and used AA batteries.

Those that know me know that my memory is terrible, my mother has lamented not passing her razor-sharp-elephant memory to me, and in photography, I found my neumonic to remembering life. Cataloging things and moments before they're lost to an inky abyss in my head, leaving only a vague notion of what once was.

That has become my photographic raison d'etre, it is why I can not stop shooting, and it is what I want to give others. I am a fastidious collector of the sentences in a life story.

  • likes dogs & pizza
  • can McGuyver something out of nothing
  • intrigued by vintage cameras (my Rolleicord!)
  • agrees that coffee is a necessity!
  • enjoys the quiet details
  • is a meat-a-tarian